Once our driver picks up your laundry bag/s, we have a specific process to ensure your laundry comes back to you clean, fresh, and folded to perfection.

1. Laundry Arrives

Once our driver returns to our facility with your laundry bags, your expert Launderer prepares a separate tub for your laundry, along with your unique magnetic name tag to ensure your items are easily identifiable throughout the entire process.

2. We prepare laundry to wash

Your Launderer checks pockets, separates your whites from darks, and starts to treat any stains. We check for any notes for special instructions before we get started. We also check for any damage at this stage to report back to you before proceeding.

3. We Wash

Your unique magnetic name tag goes on a dedicated washing machine, as we work on washing your laundry. We may have several washing loads to separate whites from darks, for towels and bedding. We use Ecolab detergent which is gentle, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. Your laundry bag is also washed and sanitised at this stage.

4. We Dry

Once your items are washed, we take them over to a dedicated tumble dryer, along with your unique magnetic name tag, which is placed on the dryer as your items are finishing off.

5. We Iron Sheets

On request, we can iron your sheets in our large roller iron. This happens at this stage, after your sheets have been tumble dried to perfection.

6. We Fold

Once your laundry items are all clean and dry, we fold each item and return them to your sanitised laundry bag with an identity tag, ready for our driver.

7. We Deliver

Our driver picks up your fresh laundry bags, ready to return them to you. Your laundry bag/s are left slightly unzipped to allow your fresh, clean clothing to breathe. We will drop off your laundry bag in the same place that we picked it up, in the time frame that you have chosen.

8. Rinse and repeat!

We’ll be back next week at the same time to grab your next load of dirty laundry. Now it’s time to enjoy your free time! It’s really that simple.

So convenient! Everything done for you.

- C U Skidmore

So convenient! Everything done for you.

- C U Skidmore