Your Laundry Questions Answered

Looking for answers to your burning questions? Our FAQ’s should help! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us and we will answer any questions you have.

Cleaning Questions

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We are unable to clean anything that should be dry-cleaned or cannot go into a dryer. This may include delicates, suits or jackets.

Some delicate fabrics and wool may be unsuitable for tumble drying. We can wash delicates as long as they are suitable for the tumble dryer. We do not offer hang dry options. You can check your item’s washing instructions tag and see if it is suitable for tumble drying.

Yes absolutely. We separate your laundry into light and dark washes. If you have any items that require special attention, please place these in a separate bag and leave a note for us.

We use Ecolab commercial detergents, which are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic.

We never use the hot wash option. We only use warm or cold washes, depending on the laundry item requirements.

Our specialty! Please put a note in your bag or send us a message with any special requests or stains that we should look out for, this will ensure we don’t miss any stains as we typically have to do an extra step with treating these. If we don’t get a heads up we may miss it. NB: Pre-existing stains that have been on your items for a while are very difficult to treat but we will do our best!

We will return your laundry within 48 hours.

No worries! Simply check the care label of your items which will specify how it should be cared for.

We wash clothes according to the care labels which optimises colour retention and stain removal. If you have any specific requirements, be sure to let us know!

Services Questions

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Sorry, we don’t offer dry cleaning options yet.

We offer the option to have items ironed.  Check out our different subscriptions packages, to see what suits you.

Yes, everything is dried in our commercial dryers! We currently don’t have a facility for hang dry.

Subscription Questions

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Simply contact us to cancel your weekly subscription anytime. We are happy to assist and will organise the collection of your laundry bag.

Please give us 24 hours notice where possible for any changes, you can contact us via text email or give us a call. We can easily pause your subscription at any time.

Yes of course! We will need to get some details from you regarding address and number of people using the service.

Your payment will be taken the day before your laundry pickup is scheduled.

You can pay by debit or credit card.

At EasyLife there are no hidden fees, the only extra cost you may incur is if we turn up and there is no laundry to collect! You may incur a rescheduling fee, please see terms and conditions.

Our plans start from $25 per week for a subscription, if you’re wanting a one-off service our minimum charge is $35.

Our pricing is based on the number of household occupants and our bag sizes, please check out our pricing page for more info on what your pricing would be.

Collection And Delivery Questions

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Currently we don’t work on public holidays.

We operate a commercial laundry in central Auckland. This facility is not open to the public and is owned by EasyLife.

Most customers leave their laundry bag by the front door or in a secure location outside for pickup (this could be where a courier leaves packages for example), if this doesn’t work for you, just let us know your preferred pickup and drop off times.

Simply fill out our subscription form and our team will inform you on the day we collect in your area.

Place all your laundry into the bag provided and ensure the zip is closed. Place your bag in a secure area or by your front door ready for pickup. If this doesn’t suit your situation, we will have your preferred pickup time where the driver will come and knock at your door.

We are currently servicing most of Auckland city – visit our home page to view our current delivery radius on our map. We are updating new delivery areas all the time, so if you don’t currently fall within our delivery area, sign up to our new delivery service notifications.

Of course! Simply get in touch by text, email or give us a call and let us know 24 hours prior where possible.

No worries! Send us a text or email to let us know when we can return.

Packing Questions

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Everything goes in your allocated bag(s)! Should you find you’re unable to fit everything in, please let us know so we can upgrade your plan/bring you another bag or you can put these items in another bag next to your regular laundry bag for pickup.

If you can fit it in your bag, we will collect it!

No need to weigh your bag! We base our prices off household averages along with bag sizes. This means sometimes your bag will be full and sometimes only partly full. If you find your unable to fit everything in your bag each week, it might be time to upgrade your service!

Anything that must be dry cleaned or cannot go into the dryer. See the terms and conditions for more information.

Customer Service Questions

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Get in touch with our Customer Happiness Team by email or giving us a call.

We have systems and processes to ensure your clothes don’t get lost or damaged. Learn more about our process here. If there was a rare instance where an item went missing or was damaged during the cleaning process, we will assist you in coming to a solution with appropriate reimbursement. See our terms and conditions for more information.

We love getting feedback! If something is not up to scratch please get in touch with us ASAP by text, email or giving us a call so we can quickly resolve any complaints or concerns for you.

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